Avoid Toll tax, Find alternate Toll Free routes in India

Avoid Toll tax, Find alternate Toll Free routes in India

Do you know? For every toll road, there has to be a free alternative road which should not have a toll?

Find toll free roads between source and destination

Select your Source and destination by clicking above button discover possible toll-free routes to drive in India. It will show you both toll-free routes, and toll routes. Toll-free route may be a little slower but it will save your money. check routes to drive without Toll plaza or less toll plaza and Compare with the fastest route. Save on toll tax by avoiding toll roads.

Other Maps does not show you toll-free routes and toll routes both at a time. We have made this website to help the traveller to get a quick overview of both the routes and decide. You can also check the extra required time and distance need to drive to save toll charges in India.

How to Avoid Toll Roads with

Plan a trip with the before start your journey. Get driving directions which has less or no toll plaza and save your money. One of most helpful things is a map which show you driving directions and fastest route, but what if that route having toll plaza. Especially when you are driving in an unknown place you may not be aware of the road that has a toll. This can lead you to pay an unexpected toll. is designed to discover which roads are having toll plaza and collecting toll tax. If you use Maps to plan a route, Then it will show you both the route which has tolls and which route does not have toll or less toll collection point. To avoid toll roads on, first you need to enter your start location and destination location and search for toll free route on this site.

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